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For my birthday, my husband got me a new thing called Coffee Joulies. We found out about them through a friend last year while they were still a Kickstarter project.

They only arrived yesterday so I have only started using them today. I had to go in to Uni for some paperwork, so I took that and my "keep cup". I ordered a long macchiato and popped a joulie in. I then went and had an hour-long conversation with someone and the coffee actually stayed hot enough to drink the whole time! I ACTUALLY FINISHED A COFFEE.

Those of you who know me will know that the way to tell I've been having coffee is that you'll find a cup on a flat surface with about an inch of cold coffee left in it. I tend to forget it's there and, if I remember I was having it, it's too cold to drink by then. So my being able to finish a coffee is a bit of a miracle, especially given I was engrossed in conversation and it took nearly an hour!

So I'm pretty impressed :-)


Mar. 26th, 2011 05:20 pm
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Today has mostly been a day of arranging wedding stuff and making Very Important Decisions, such as which beers to have on tap at the venue, and when to do a trial run of the make-up.

It was also spent in an extreme state of sleepiness, despite repeated application of coffee.

The really good news is that the cars are, indeed, undamaged. Hooray! Don't have to worry about getting things fixed, which is always good.

Tomorrow there is cleaning and tidying planned, and then in the late afternoon we're meeting with the celebrant to go over the ceremony and fine-tune it.

So much to do. So little time. *wants it to be the day already*


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