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 Our school day is divided into 4 periods of 75min each. On a Thursday, I leave at the end of period 3 (start of lunch) and travel to my university for my weekly Physics lab.

This is the first time that I have not had to fill in for an absent teacher in period 3! This means I have Time to:
- Eat my lunch at a table instead of in the car
- Get to my car without running because I had to walk across the whole school to get to it
- double-check my preliminary lab work
- Pee

I feel so much better about today, and it's all because I have this one free period during which to not panic about being late!
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So having a piece of paper that says I have a major in Math is no longer enough. I now have to go about proving that it's a good major in Math. You see, physics units have math prerequisites and I need to show that I've met those requirements. Simple enough: I fill out a form, I provide the unit descriptions of what I've already studied, all good.

Until I find that the handbooks from back when I studied these units (which no longer exist, incidentally) aren't readily available any more. Ergh.

Thankfully, the university where I did the major was very prompt and got me the descriptions within a day of my asking for them. I now have to go to the university I'm currently with and convince them that I'm able to do this stuff.

Sigh. Wish me luck - I want to get it over with today. I only have about another 3 weeks to enrol, I don't want this to take any longer.

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I have today off to study for my physics exam. It's going ok, though I am struggling a bit on the concentration front. I may need a cup of tea.

As a break from study, I did Recipe #40! It is for Refrigerator Biscuits, courtesy of my lovely mother-in-law :-) These are fantastic because, once you've mixed it all up, you can put them in the freezer and keep them there until you next feel like eating them!

It's a fairly standard sort of biscuit recipe from what I've seen, involving butter, fluor, brown sugar, an egg, vanilla, salt, and baking powder. And they only took about 10mins to bake. If you want it, let me know and I'll send it to you privately.

The recipe I have makes about 3 dozen, so I think that I'll probably make extra in future and have a bit more in the freezer.

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As part of doing a physics course, I need to allow myself time to study. Work will give me some study leave (which is awesome), but I need to make sure that I also do it after hours. So I took out a library membership! I figure that, as there is a library across the road from my house, I don't really have much excuse for not using it. So, twice per week I'm going to be going to the library to catch up on physics stuff.

I think I'll also stay late at uni on Mondays, as that is when my labs is (so I'm there anyawy) and the library is open late.

Wish me luck!
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 Guess who just got permission from her school to study physics at uni in semester 2!!!! XD


(and about to be so broke!)


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