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 Now, I can't really give you much information on how to buy a used car smartly, but I am going to give you some tips on how to buy a car *respectfully*.

Having now been on the selling end, I can tell you that a lot of car buyers are annoying and rude without meaning to be. There are two key ways to avoid being one such customer:


Not just the make, model and age. For instance:

- Know what sort of condition you want the car to be in, and know what is acceptable for a used car of that age. Expect some scratches. If you want a car that looks brand new, then go to a dealer because they'll have done all the painting and replacing of parts that a private seller may have actually been advised *not* to do because it's not worth their while and isn't compromising the safety of the car.

- Know what you want to know about the car. Don't call up and ask "What can you tell me about your car?" because chances are that all the relevant information is already in the advertisement. This makes you look like you don't know what you're doing or what you're after and won't endear you to any car owner with half a brain. Keep it specific to things that weren't already given. 

- Don't email or text making excuses for not being able to talk on the phone. No sensible seller will ever get back to you. If you can't talk, get someone to call on your behalf. The first bit of advice to anyone selling a car online is always to make contact in person before any transaction takes place.

- Know how much cars of that type and age are being advertised for, and know how much you want to pay. DO NOT call up and ask the seller "What's your final offer?", because that is the stupidest question you could ask. No seller in their right mind would give you a lower price than what they advertised. If you don't want to pay what they're asking for, then for heaven's sake, have an offer prepared and give them that. If they are happy to negotiate, they will make a counter offer. If not, they'll tell you so.

- DO NOT start trying to lower the price before you've even seen the car. This is just rude. Excuses like "It's a manual" or "It's a few years old" will just make the seller wonder why you're enquiring in the first place, if this car is so crap by your own standards.


There are few things worse than being left hanging. If you decide against a car, then for goodness sake call the seller and tell them as soon as you come to that decision. And try to tell them why. It can be as simple as "I like another car better", and that's OK; they just have to accept that.

On the other hand, if there is something wrong with the car, tell them before you decide for sure as it may well be something that the owner is willing to fix at no cost to you. But you know what? THIS CAN'T HAPPEN IF YOU DON'T TELL THEM. It also makes it a lot harder for them afterward because they just won't know why their car was rejected, and if it can be fixed then they can do so and maybe have it ready for the next person who is interested.

It's not hard to not irritate people. You just need to be prepared, both to know what you're doing and to communicate effectively. Ultimately you don't owe the seller anything, but it's not hard to be kind and make life easier for other people, and nothing I've listed will cause you disadvantage in any way.

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In a development that is interesting to me, I've discovered that I prefer to cycle in a skirt. After wearing out a few pairs of jeans, not wanting to bother having to change pants when I get to my destination and just before I leave for home, and generally wanting to wear more skirts, I've actualy found I really enjoy cycling in them.

I'm not worried about the fabric getting caught in the wheel or chain because my bike has a chain guard as well as skirt guards on the rear wheel.

The thing is, I don't have a lot of winter skirts. Or a lot of winter shirts. I have decided that this needs to be remedied, so I decided to get this skirt:

in three different colours. I then decided to get this shirt and this shirt, because one of the big reasons for my not wearing skirts more is lack of tops which suit a skirt rather than pants. Not to mention that the Evangeline blouse is just gorgeous! Being winter, I don't want to risk getting cold, so I'm considering getting a couple of camisoles to go with them. One in white, one in "natural". Though I may change my mind about these. We'll see.

Of course, if I'm going to be cycling in a skirt, I do actually need to make sure my legs won't get too cold. So I'm getting two pairs of bloomers and a petticoat as well.

Amazing how just wanting to wear more skirts because I find them comfortable leads to an entire wardrobe change. I now have good reason to go through mine and get rid of clothes I don't wear, though :-)

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Hopefully that will change as soon as this exam's over and I have a bit more brain space to work with. But I promise there's more to this than just me going on about what a brilliant cook I am :-)

Recipe #43 is "Rustic Greek Pie", which I found in a vegetarian cook book. It involves spinach, grated haloumi, crumbed feta, egg, and cream. It was very tasty! I need to do more stuff like this. There is one thing I want to try doing differently, and that's using puff pastry insted of shortcrust. The shortcrust worked well, but I think it could be better.

Phil and I bought Christmas decorations tonight! =D I'm finally properly excited about Christmas again. I hated it for several years while I worked at arse Kmart, still hated it in my first year out teaching, and hated it reasonably less last year. Now, I'm finally glad to be having one :-)

We don't have a tree yet. We'll be getting that at some point in the near future and putting it up in December. I'm also planning to buy modelling clay to make decorations of my own!

It's all very fun :-)


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