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So I didn't cook anything all that new this week that was themed. I did, on the other hand, cook a 10hr bolognese sauce and today I did a beef pot roast in my new slow cooker :-) So I think all that counts.

I've got a photo every day for this week so far apart from today, but I still have time to do that. If you want to see, pop over to my Tumblr!
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I've created a Tumblr! This is where I'll be posting my photography challenge from now on :-) I haven't yet decided whether I'll move my recipe challenge to be there as well, but we'll see.

So, if you're interested in my development as a photographer, go there. I'll try to update it daily, and this week's photos (up to and including yesterday's) are already there :-)

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Almost forgot today's! )

I'm particularly proud of Saturday's photo :-) It took effort! Also, the new camera rocks.


Jan. 8th, 2012 08:24 pm
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It has been a crazy week! We brought the kitten home on monday. She wailed all the way home in the car and wet herself. It went all down my leg.

Smudge freaked out. There was a lot of hissing and growling and animosity. It was only on Friday that he let her get close, and yesterday they spent the whole day playing. We're now teaching her household rules, which is going to take ages. She already knows what they are, so a simple "ah-ah!" is usually enough to make her stop doing something, but it doesn't keep her from trying again. She's stubborn. But really cute!

What this means is that the majority of the week's photos are of the cats. You'll have to bear with me!

This is Week # 1!
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