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So my resulutions didn't quite go the way I intended.

I was going to do project 365, but I coudln't keep up with the pickture-taking.
I was going to do a 2nd 52 recipes challenge, and that seems to be going well, but it's the keeping record that I'm struggling with.

Instead, I've started playing music again and I've joined an orchestra. This is AWESOME. I actually WANT to play music again. I don't get to every day, but that's ok. I'm allowed to be too tired. I'm not going to force it, but I am definitely going to enjoy it.

I didn't get The Dream Job that I applied for, but that's ok. It would have required me to move pretty far, so I'm content to stay where I am for now. So, I'm also working on updating my CV on a regular basis and finding work that's a bit closer to home. I've decided that an hour-long cycle at the end of a long week and with MASSIVE hills really is too much for me, now matter how hard I've been trying. I'm just not that hard-core yet, and givne the 12hrs sleep I got in the space of just over 24hrs, I'd say that I'm not really a wuss, but that I really do get that tired. 

I do love the staff I work with and I do love team teaching. I think it's a brilliant initiative and SO much better than 1:26, but spending 2hrs/day just getting around, even if it's ultimately of benefit to my health, is too much. And I'm not moving to the suburb where I work. It has one of Melbourne's top 5 crime rates, and I love where I live right now.

So it's not an easy decision, but if I can get into a school with a good, supportive culture then I should be OK. I have enough experience now to feel pretty confident with what I do.

I've also downloaded iBooks Author, Apples new application for making textbooks. I have to admit that I'm a bit intimidated about it, but I want to write my own maths textbook, and this one will focus on algebra damnit! If I get into a school that supports iPads, this may end up going really well.

Of course, Oxford's Big Ideas may beat me to a more integrated format, but I haven't seen those textbooks yet so who knows. 

Either way, I have a lot of creative outlets at the moment, and I haven't even mentioned my physics course, which has also started. I'm a Very Busy Girl! But it's good. I like being busy, and now I finally am in what I consider to be a good way :-)


Dec. 3rd, 2011 06:44 pm
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Report-writing is over. Last night I went home and slept for an hour before having to get up and do stuff. It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders.

Today I went to a big family 60th, which was awesome. I then slept for an hour in the car on the way back (happily, I didn't have to drive). I think I'll try to fit more napping in tomorrow again. Should be wonderful. I like not feeling like I should be working on something. It's a good feeling.

I need to do a recipe for this week. I do not want it building up. This is where school finishing earlier than it does (Dec 22nd - WTF?? Such a late date for it to be over!) would be handy. Ah well. I might come up with something new and interesting for breakfast tomorrow. I should probably look recipes up and buy ingredients tonight.

2 weeks of classes to go, then less than a week of activities. Can't wait!

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So, today is the last day of term! As of 3pm this afternoon, I have 2 weeks off :-) So, things I'm doing:

- Going to the circus tonight!
- Catching up with people
- Studying physics
- Cycling a lot
- More cooking (as in, more new recipes, but not counting them toward my 52. 
- More cycling
- And more physics

I'm also enrolling in that course, and also getting away for a few nights. I'll probably do some physics while I'm away, too :-p Should be a good break from work!


Feb. 8th, 2011 08:21 pm
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So, back at work. I like my kids. On Friday, I told the yr7 class that I wanted them to be properly lined up by the time I arrived to take them in to the room. Today, my 2nd lesson with them, guess what I walk up to them and see? Yep! All lined up, beautifully =D Best. Thing. Ever. They just won my heart.

I'm getting along with my teams, which is important.

I've also cycled to work the past 2 days, which is awesome. I'm getting better at getting up the hills on the way home. There's only one rise I'm really not ready to even try, and that's the one which gets me to 40km/hr when I coast down it. So I think I'll keep walking up that one for a while :-p

Hopefully I'll be able to do this most days, and hopefully it'll be good for my health. I'm also hoping to get faster and be able to make to work in under an hour. It's an arbitrary goal, but I think it'll be helpful in winter when days are a lot shorter. It's interesting, because I get to work feeling amazing and I get home feeling utterly exhausted and in desperate need of a shower.

So, things are going well at the moment. I'm feeling pretty positive :-)


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