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So, today is the last day of term! As of 3pm this afternoon, I have 2 weeks off :-) So, things I'm doing:

- Going to the circus tonight!
- Catching up with people
- Studying physics
- Cycling a lot
- More cooking (as in, more new recipes, but not counting them toward my 52. 
- More cycling
- And more physics

I'm also enrolling in that course, and also getting away for a few nights. I'll probably do some physics while I'm away, too :-p Should be a good break from work!
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I'm going away for the weekend. It will be really good. I'm thoroughly sick of the daily grind, and I picked kind of a bad time for it as reports are due in about a fortnight. But I don't care. I have to get away. I spent a lot of yesterday just wanting to destroy everything within reach, and had to shut the cats out of the kitchen as I did some dishes because I was stomping around lots and risked accidentally harming one of them in the process.

I'm tired, I'm grumpy, I'm angry at the world for getting in the way of so many things I want to do. I need to escape.

So, starting at around 3:30 on Friday, there will be no work and no computers and no internet until Sunday night. Phones will only be used in case of emergency so, starting Friday afternoon, please don't call me unless someone is in hospital or on their way to one. I may not even check text messages, if I can convince my briain to ignore them. I just need time out from the world I normally inhabit so that I can recharge my batteries.

Hopefully I'll come back feeling refreshed and ready for the last few weeks of term, and then I can rest properly once that's over. And then die of boredom :-p


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