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 So I may be intolerant to histamines. This might sound weird since histamines are what cause an allergic reaction, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about histamines in food. 

I was told this might be a possibility after relating my experiences with red wine headaches. Apparently histamine intolerance causes those, among other symptoms. For instance, random bouts of gut problems, frequent bloating and chronic rhinitis (the latter of which I've struggled with for as long as I can remember).

I'm now on day 2 of a low-histamine diet and going OK. It's kind of weird to get to mid/late afternoon and not be bloated enough that my trousers don't fit. I mean, it happens occasionally! But not 2 days in a row! Choosing what to wear to a party was always determined by what my tummy was doing that evening and what I expects it might do. Some of this was solved by cutting out two types of preservatives, burn not nearly completely. It'd be wonderful if this is the answer to my problems and I didn't have to think in those terms any more.

it's a fairly restrictive diet, but no too bad. I can't drink red alcohol for the time being, also no yeast or wheat. No tomatoes, no citrus fruit, and no berries. Meat has to be ridiculously fresh so no aged steak, processed meat, and no fish unless it was caught that morning at the latest. Barbecues could be a problem.

i'm not worried about China, as the main culprits are easy to avoid. Soy won't be as easy, but I'll manage. I also very clearly remember feeling healthier there than I ever did here or in Europe, so there may well be something to that.

wish me luck,,hopefully this will be the final one!


Nov. 19th, 2012 04:52 pm
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 I joined a gym for 9 weeks. I've had two friends recommend a short-term thing, but I've been thinking I can't afford it. After having a look at prices, I spoke to Phil and we decided that we can afford it! So I signed up to my local one straight away.

I know that 9 weeks of even daily gymming won't get me back down to a size 12 (my ultimate goal), but it can get me on that path. I know there is exercise equipment where I'm going, but I need to get a head start before we head over. I want to be fit enough to cope with the active lifestyle on arrival, even if I don't get much smaller by then (though hopefully the change to my diet and the exercise will mean I drop at least a few cm!).

Wish me luck!


Nov. 14th, 2012 10:36 am
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 So the sugar boycott is going well. Almost no sugar for early a fortnight, the exception being fruit. I can't say I've noticed a huge difference in my wellbeing, though. The sense of accomplishment is dampened by the fact that I can't indulge in sweets when I want to, so the only real difference to how I feel is in the lack of post-sugar guilt trips. This is disappointing given most people have said they feel a lot better after being off it for a while. I just feel the same.

There have been side benefits though, the key one being that I seem to generally be eating less. Since my goal is to lose weight, this is a good thing! Lets see how I go from here.
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Things you don't want to have happen when you decide to give up sugar:

- Getting your period
- Your friend coming over with cupcakes she'd baked especially for the visit
- Going to an engagement party where the cake was made by the groom-to-be's sister, both whom you've known for around 10 years.

And you CERTAINLY don't want all these to happen on the same day! All of this was on Saturday. Bloody hell.

I think my biggest thing with giving up sugar is not so much feeling like I'm missing out, but feeling like I'm insulting someone else's cooking by not at least trying it. Had the cupcakes and cake been store-bought, I wouldn't have had any issues saying "No, I'm not having any because x", but hand-made... Different story. European levels of Guilt. Then you add hormones to the mix, and everything implodes.

So, starting again today. Lets see how long I last.

Attempt 2

Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:07 am
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 So my last attempt at a sugar-free existence failed abysmally, and I'm trying again starting today. I desperately need to lose weight. I'm going well on the exercise front so far, and now I need to sort out the diet thing. I am able to blame my previous failure on stress (still recovering from crazy stress of work, and dealing with crazy stress of moving), but now all that is done I have no more excuse.

Wish me luck, because I want to see myself making progress over the next 11.5 weeks. I'd like to be at a reasonable size (12-14) and a reasonable level of fitness (able to handle lots and lots of walking) by the time we fly out. 

Not again.

Sep. 27th, 2012 09:13 pm
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My body seems to deal with stress by doing everything it can to gain weight. I crave chocolate, I get tired, I get too stressed to do any meaningful exercise.

As such, I am once again what I consider to be huge for me. This SUCKS. 

Now that I've got that out of my system, here is the plan:

1) Exercise. I have dumbells, and I have been using them on and off. I was making progress but then STRESS happened and I stopped. Now that STRESS is gone, I can actually use them again. So I'll use them 5-6 days/week. I'll also be cycling more now that the weather is finer and I'm less likely to need to travel huge, unrealistic distances that are unbearable even on an electric. I'll also be going for more walks. My mother-in-law and I have made a deal that we'll go for walks together in the evenings, and this will hopefully help us both get back into shape.

2) Cut out sugar. This will be hard, and I don't intend to include all fructose in this (I'll be avoiding fruit juice but not fruit itself), but it needs to happen. It's easier (and probably healthier) than cutting out any other specific thing (eg carbs, fat, whatever), so that is what I will go with. I'm going to try to cut it out completely for a month, then reintroduce it one night/week as a treat, and stick to that forever. Well, that's the idea anyway. Time to buy sugar-free chocolate, for emergencies.

Hopefully the two of these measures combined will result in some success. I'll have a much more active lifestyle next year so hopefully it'll be easy enough to maintain. Beyond that, I need to work on my stress management. 

Wish me luck.
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So a couple of weeks ago I was told by a doctor that I get migrianes. A few days ago I went to my GP and talked to him about it. He prescriped propranolol, a beta-blocker, which should help prevent them happening.

Well, I haven't had a migraine the past few days, but I've also got a slower heart rate (not bothering me; I feel fine) and I'm just generally feeling very calm. Works for me!
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I keep going over my weight-maintenance calorie level, according to my food diary. I hate myself.

I know I should just be happy with my body no matter what, but the fact is that I'm not. I liked being a size 12, as that is the healthiest I've ever felt. I hate seeing what I see in the mirror at the moment. There are just bits which aren't looking they way they do in my mind (but they did look like they should last time I was a 12, which is when I was 22).

At the moment I'm wearing jumpers, even when it's too hot, just to hide the bit of belly protruding when I sit down. I'm also constantly beating myself up for my lack of exercise, even though I know that I can't do much about it right now without collapsing (I suspect low iron levels are the culprit), AND I'm trying really hard not to guilt myself over the fact that I'm about to cost us over $3000 for a unit of Physics at uni, which isn't including any textbooks I may need to buy.

I just need to relax. That's all. I'm just not very good at it any more.
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After a lifetime of heavy period, I sent to see a gyneacologist. We discussed my symptoms and issues, and she ordered a blood test to check for von Willebrand's disease, which is a clotting disorder.

I got the test results back from my GP, and they are, of course, inconclusive. The right factors are low for me to have the disorder, but I also have O type blood which makes me prone to having those factors be low anyway.

So now I have to wait until the 3rd to see the gyno again and discuss whether I should see a haematologist about this. My GP's opinion was that it was best to ask her because she might have a specific haematologist she knows that is good for things like that, and he felt a bit out of his depth giving advice on tests that were as highly specific as the ones I just had done.

I'm now actually scared of not having the disorder, because if it's "normal" for me to be prone to not clotting, then they may not do anything about it and just tell me I have to deal with it and take iron supplements. I don't want that. I want there to be something that can be done about this. I want it to be treatable and treated. I'm tired of being sick and sore every time that phase of my cycle comes around. I'm tired of having to write that entire week off because I just can't do anything. I'm tired of feeling like I'm going to collapse at work because of it.

I really hope there's something they can do.
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Ok, so it's not all that bad.

But so far, I'm intolerant to the following:

- Propionates (preservatives 280-289 on the labels), which rules out things like "fresh" pasta, pita breads, roti, McDonald's, pre-prepared pizza bases, or any soft bread product that needs a shelf life
- Benzoates (preservatives 210-219), which rules out most soft drinks and some dairy products, including margarine and margarine blends (like Devondale Extra Spreadable)
- Lactose

And now, more recently, I seem to have discovered that I'm also intolerant to SOY. That's right. Soy. Can't have normal milk, can't have soy milk, and the bloody cafés in Melbourne haven't discovered lactose-free milk yet (though they somehow have discovered in Adelaide).

For the past nearly 2 years, I've been paying close attention to my stomach and what it's doing. I've been looking for patterns and reading labels, looking for common factors, which is how I discovered most of this stuff. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed that I feel nauseated for several hours after having a soy coffee.

So, I have gone out and bought Lacteze. This had better work.
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At the end of December I went to give blood for the first time. One of the things I had to do was weigh myself. I was rather horrified by the result, even taking clothing into account. So, I started keeping a food diary and actually monitoring how much I'm eating and doing and when.

Today I bought a set of scales and am happy to report I've lost about 1.5kg! I still want to lose about another 10, hopefully by June as my 10-year reunion is then. I really want to be a size 12!


Oct. 5th, 2011 12:46 pm
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So I've been offline for a while, and this is for a couple of reasons:

- Busy with work and Physics
- Busy with househunting
- Busy with moving house
- Lack of Internet after moving in

But I have now moved in and I have INTERNET!!! WOO!

The house is gorgeous and I LOVE it! It's bigger than my old place and has a better yard. My in-laws have decided to give us a barbecue for Christmas, and we will host the family Christmass shinding here :-)

I also had my heart procedure yesterday. It went well and I should have no more problems from now on! For the next day or so I'm not allowed to do very much and certainly not allowed to lift anything heavier than a kettle. This is helped by the fact that I can't spend more than about 5mins walking around before I end up in rather a lot of pain and have to sit back down. Fortunately, my husband has stayed home today to look after me and keep me from forgetting myself while my leg feels fine and trying to lift something heavy. Like a cat, or a kichen cabinet...

I've also cooked Recipe #38, which was a peanut sauce for a stir fry. It is a friend's recipe and involved soy sauce, peanut butter, and honey. Turned out quite nice :-)

I have no idea just how behind I am with cooking, but I'm hoping to catch up before too long. Or at least to keep going until the end of the year! Then I might modify it to make it a specific Ingredient of the Month, or some such.

We'll see :-)


Jun. 21st, 2011 06:32 pm
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So, I ended up in emergency again yesterday. Lets just say that I'm fed up with this stupid tachycardia. Today I had the day off, went to see my GP, and got a referral to a cardiologist.

Unfortunately, seeing a specialist is a bit complicated so I've posted my referral to her and now I get to wait for her to deign to see me. I'm hoping that she will not take forever so that I can get this sorted by the end of the year.

If all goes well, I'm hoping to also have this endometriosis sorted out and I may also be having surgery for that. It's a bit alarming that I'm hoping for two surgeries this year, but with any luck these two surgeries will be long-trm solutions to long-term problems.

The consultations won't be cheap ($250 to see the cardiologist, I'll only get $120 back from Medicare, and I don't know how much the gynaecologist will cost) but my insurance will cover the surgery. If I have both this year, then I'll only pay the excess once.

wish me luck.

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Cycling has had one unwanted side effect for me: It's increased my SVT. I've been having mild episodes a couple of times per week since December last year, but because they've been mild I've mostly been ignoring them.

6 weeks ago, I ended up in hospital for a pretty major attack. Pulse was very fast and after 10mins I called the ambulance. It lasted for about an hour before sorting itself out. I went to the GP after this and asked to start some sort of treatment for it. Doctor prescribed propranolol, a beta blocker, but that didn't work. I know it didn't work because I kept having minor attacks. I started a different drug tonight (verapamil, which worked to revert me back to a normal sinus rhythm once in hospital), but before I could do that I had a bad enough attack to land me in hospital again. I actually had two in a row. And then, after feeling like crap all day, I had a third attack tonight in the shower.

I'm a bit miffed that it's this bad, but I'm hopeful that this medication will work once it's had time to be absorbed. Wish me luck!

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Saturday led me to the decision that I need to never sleep in under any circumstances. I slept in and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon feeling dreadful, and for an hour or two I thought I'd lost my car key which ultimately turned out to be in a pocket of my bag which I'd forgotten existed. So, from now on, I will get up at my usual time no matter what :-)

The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent at a friend's birthday barbecue. It was good fun as they were mostly people I knew from work, and I left shortly after a very impulsive Nutbush, which [ profile] roccondilrinon also got dragged into :-)

Today I woke up at 5:30am in order to get to the Melbourne Summer Cycle starting line by 7:15. When I got there I got my bike off the back of the car, sot myself all ready, and realised I'd forgotten my helmet. It is illegal in this country to cycle without one, so I this did not bode well. I nealry cried at the thought of not being able to participate in something which I've been looking forward to for weeks. Fortunately, Roccondil is kind enough to get my helmet and drive it over to me. I've offered to take him out to dinner to thank him for sacrificing a sleep-in for me, and I look forward to doing that once I get paid :-)

[ profile] ikona_rakasha and [ profile] dilph  were also doing the ride, and they were good enough to wait with me until I got my protective shell :-) We then rode the 40km and had dumplings for lunch afterward. It kind of rocked :-)

So yeah, feeling good! Back to work tomorrow, and this week looks like it should be good for riding back and forth right through! Hooray!

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After 2 days of eating "normal" food, I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening feeling like absolute hell.  That sucks. So, today, I'm going back to avoiding dairy wherever possible.

It might be the milk protein or it might be preservative 282, which is apparently sometimes used in dairy or somehow cultured in whey protein so that it is "naturally occuring" and doesn't have to be listed under the ingredients, which means that I still have to watch out for anything involving milk solids anyway.

Ah well. At least I know how to make my tummy happy and keep it from trying to destroy me :-) I'm also out of sultanas, which I've found to be an excellent source of fibre. Time to buy more!
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On the one hand: HOORAY! I'm getting fitter AND losing weight!
On the other hand: Damn it, now I have to go through all my bras and start replacing them! And I've only had some of these for a few months!
Then again: Excuse to go buy new bras! =D

I'd say the positives outweigh the negatives ;-)


Jan. 17th, 2011 11:17 am
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So, looks as though cycling to work is feasable :-) Thanks to my housemate's knowledge of this area and my own amazing ability to turn down a street other than the one I was actually looking for, I have a reasonable route home which won't necessarily kill me. I only had to walk up two rises today because they were kind of insane, but it beats the last time I tried it and had to walk about half of the way back.

I managed to go most of the way to work today, because what I tried out was riding to where the first few days of work would take place (some golf course, function centre thing where we do professional development for 3 days), and I did that in about 40min so I'd say my estimate of the ride to work being about an hour is reasonably accurate. I'll try doing that at some point in the next fortnight, mostly so that I know which way I'm supposed to go.

Tomorrow, I think i'll cycle into town. It should make the trip a total of 35-40km, but it's a much easier route than what I took today. Fewer hills and all that.
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As some of you will be aware from my FaceBook, I'm having to give up dairy. It's not just the lactose that's the problem - I figured that out several weeks ago. Recently, friends of mine told me that one of them gave up milk products totally and had a huge benefit from it, so I looked into caseine-related problems and found that this could well be it.

So, I'm giving up dairy totally for a few weeks to see what happens. Hopefully my gut will behave itself, which will also confirm the caseine thing. Then, if that test is successful, I'll be gradually re-introducing it in small amounts to see how much I can tolerate. If it isn't successful, I'm going to eat a truckload of cheese and feel depressed about having a gut that hates me for no good reason.

Wish me luck :-)
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This can all be blamed on [ profile] rougedragon , really. But I'm obsessing over this bike ever so slightly.

See, I got a bike when I was 20. I'd just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I needed to lose weight so that there was less strain on my joints. So, I got a bike. It's a cheap Kmart bike, but ever since I got it I have ridden this bike more or less all summer every summer. Even sometimes in Winter, if it wasn't too wet. And then I'd usually get out my rubber poncho (which I've lost, damnit), so it's not as if I don't use a bike.

I haven't done any cycling since moving out of my parents' place, and I'm going to blame it on the fact that adjusting to a new lifestyle has been stressful. Stressful enough that I've actually done barely any exercise, and have only just started going for almost daily walks.

School finishes soon, and the weather has improved. This means it's cycling season for me, and I will be cycling as soon as the holidays start whether I get a new bike or fix my old one. That is without question.

The thing is that, although my current bike is adequate for riding up and down suburban streets and through parks, it's not my dream bike. My dream bike is one on which I won't crouch, for starters. Actually, that's the main thing I want in a bike. Being able to take it around by car is another thing, and this one I'm obsessing over appears to have a release latch (if I read the specs correctly).

So even though this feels highly impulsive, it's not as bad as it seems. It has features I've wanted in a bike for some time. A bike is something which I definitely use, so it's not like I'm all excited about a new hobby that I'll never maintain.

I'll be taking a look at the bike in the link on Saturday, and hopefully they'll let me test-ride one. 

The best part is that I *can* justify the cost, because it's a bit less expensive than the annual bonus which I'm getting in my next paycheque :-p



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