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 So I may be intolerant to histamines. This might sound weird since histamines are what cause an allergic reaction, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about histamines in food. 

I was told this might be a possibility after relating my experiences with red wine headaches. Apparently histamine intolerance causes those, among other symptoms. For instance, random bouts of gut problems, frequent bloating and chronic rhinitis (the latter of which I've struggled with for as long as I can remember).

I'm now on day 2 of a low-histamine diet and going OK. It's kind of weird to get to mid/late afternoon and not be bloated enough that my trousers don't fit. I mean, it happens occasionally! But not 2 days in a row! Choosing what to wear to a party was always determined by what my tummy was doing that evening and what I expects it might do. Some of this was solved by cutting out two types of preservatives, burn not nearly completely. It'd be wonderful if this is the answer to my problems and I didn't have to think in those terms any more.

it's a fairly restrictive diet, but no too bad. I can't drink red alcohol for the time being, also no yeast or wheat. No tomatoes, no citrus fruit, and no berries. Meat has to be ridiculously fresh so no aged steak, processed meat, and no fish unless it was caught that morning at the latest. Barbecues could be a problem.

i'm not worried about China, as the main culprits are easy to avoid. Soy won't be as easy, but I'll manage. I also very clearly remember feeling healthier there than I ever did here or in Europe, so there may well be something to that.

wish me luck,,hopefully this will be the final one!
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