Jan. 29th, 2014

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 You know what sucks? Periods.

You know what makes periods suck more? The fact that if you try to talk about this regular, normal event that happens to every healthy woman, people get squeamish and don't want to hear about it.

You know what makes that EVEN WORSE? That even though you're having a shit time, you feel awful, you're in huge amounts of pain and discomfort and yet you somehow STILL make it through a normal workday and get everything done (having had to put twice as much effort into it as you normally would), you can't tell anyone that you did it all while feeling like you just got run over by a bus because nobody wants to hear about your period, so you don't even get acknowledgement of the fact that you worked extra hard to get through a day while feeling really bloody awful.

And because nobody will let you complain about how bloody awful you feel, nobody realises just how awful it can really be. So when they feel awful, they don't say anything and thus we perpetuate this myth that periods don't actually affect our daily lives, and that we should all just pretend nothing's different, or we'll get looked down on and seen as weak complainers who can't even deal with their period. And this is absolute bullshit. 


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