Mar. 17th, 2013

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 So the students were away on homestay this weekend, which meant that the staff went out to dinner together and then partied on a bit into the night. It was a great way to spend the evening, and I met some lovely Irish blokes and one Canadian. They were good fun!

In general, I'm really tired and loving my job, though report-writing really needs to start at some point soon.

We'll be in Beijing this week (leaving tomorrow night), then we come home and a few days later the students leave for Australia. And that's my first ever China group, done and dusted. Feels a bit weird, actually. I'm supposed to give the students a personal reflection on the wall, while they do theirs. I'm not really sure what I'll say. I've been thinking about it but not a lot springs to mind, I'm afraid. I also need to decide where to take them for dinner on their 2nd-last night in China. I'll ask the other staff for some ideas.

Tonight I need to pack, and prepare a bit more for tomorrow. We also need to start making plans for the Easter break, which we hope to spend about half of in Shanghai. I plan to do LOTS of shopping! :-)


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